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Effortlessly Tackle European VAT

We are a tool for Amazon sellers to deal with European bureaucracy, VAT registrations and filings. Venturing into the UK and the EU? Focus on scaling your business, while we handle the red tape.

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The only VAT software designed directly by Amazon sellers

This software has been developed by the sellers to solve their own pain. We know first-hand what it takes to sell in Europe.

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VAT Registrations

With government experience from Europe and intimate knowledge of Amazon, we speak your language and deal with red tape gracefully.

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Monthly Filing

Generate all your returns. Just upload the VAT Transactions Report and other documents. Don't worry, we make sure you don't forget anything.

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Compliance Watch

Europe is a regulatory minefield that we help you to navigate. We think for you and reveal the unknown unknowns before they become a costly problem.

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What We Do

Get VAT registered in all Amazon markets in Europe for a flat fee of 500 EUR per country.

VAT Registration

It's simple. Upload files, get your VAT returns for 50 EUR per country per month.

Monthly VAT Compliance

We fix it on the spot, escalate to a partner, or give the money back from 25 EUR per call.

Government Live Support
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Learn how Minefield Navigator streamlines your European expansion and VAT compliance. We give you the tools you need to expand seamlessly, register for and file VAT and stay compliant.

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Government Live Support

Need help with European bureacracy in any country? Schedule a consultation call, we either find a solution on the spot, escalate to a partner who will solve it, or give you the money back.

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Need a guide?

Personalized Guide to European Expansion

Navigate European Regulatory Minefield

Frequently Asked Questions

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Full visibility on all submitted documents. Easy to use app. Live support available.

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